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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

Saint Augustine


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Custom Group Tours and Events

Interested in sightseeing in Silicon Valley? SJSV Tours offers custom group tours of Silicon Valley and San Jose. We can also customize a local wine tour or garden tour. If your group is interested in touring Silicon Valley, contact us for a custom itinerary. We are unable to assist solo travelers or families unless they can afford our minimum price of $2,500 for a tour. Our company is designed to provide tours for groups only.


The most commonly asked question is whether or not we can get inside Apple, Facebook and Google. The answer is no, we can’t get you "inside” the tech corporations, but we can offer a fun, informative, comprehensive overview tour of Silicon Valley. We can take you to places that ARE open to the public, like the Apple employee store, the Computer History Museum and lunch at a corporate cafeteria. These are just some of the many options you can choose from.

Jokingly known as fortresses of solitude, Silicon Valley companies don’t open their doors to random groups- and definitely not to tour companies! However, if you happen to know someone and if you are able to get access scheduled ON YOUR OWN, we are happy to include the stop on a custom itinerary.

Our prices for groups begin at $2,500 for a standard 6 hour tour, or $100 per person. Let us know what your budget is, and we will work with you to offer an engaging, exciting tour.

As the Mecca of the high-tech revolution, Silicon Valley has become synonymous with larger-than-life entrepreneurs, overnight fortunes, high-flying companies, and the dazzling digital products that transform the lives of billions of people from Tokyo to Timbuktu.

As the regional capital and tenth largest city in America, San Jose has a storied past and vibrant present all its own complete with thriving arts groups, magnificent architecture, eclectic restaurants, and one of the most culturally diverse populations of any major U.S. urban center.

Yes, the greater San Jose Silicon Valley area is a fascinating, captivating, world-renowned place.

And now San Jose Silicon Valley Tours & Events is here to show it to you on Custom Group Tours---the only tours of this kind based in the South Bay---that are both informative and tons of fun.

Also, if your group wants something special (a local winery or architecture tour perhaps?), you can count on us to customize a package that more than meets your needs.

So check us out by clicking on our TOUR OPTIONS page. Or, if you want to contact us directly, call us at 408-241-3707 or email